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We at HGVC are dedicated to addressing the current skills shortage within the HGV driver and training sectors. The consortium aims to deliver novice training and upgrade courses, with a focus on introducing new people to an HGV driving career.

We're funded by the Department of Education’s ‘HGV Bootcamp Skills Fund’, developed to address the UK’s HGV Driver shortage. Funding will be allocated across several areas; from training novice drivers to gain their HGV licences, to bringing lapsed HGV licence-holders back into the industry, along with the provision of specialist Petroleum handling courses and ADR qualifications. Funding will also be provided to ‘upskill’ current licence holders from Category ‘C’ qualification to Category ‘C+E’ level.

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One of the UK’s largest providers of HGV training, HGVC delivers high-volume training courses to many of the country’s biggest logistics companies and retailers. HGVC’s network of over 100 training providers ensures that it can deliver multiple courses at multiple locations, with the ability to take on large numbers of trainees at a truly nationwide level. HGVC’s expertise extends to the delivery of HGV Training, ADR Training, Petroleum Passports and all elements required to gain these qualifications (driver medicals, theory test training software, licence application forms, etc). Its bespoke trainee monitoring software enables real-time reporting of course progression and candidate status updates.

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